Head-quartered in Delhi-NCR, India, i10plus offer quality oriented services to Small and Large scale industries/factories/companies in the International and Domestic market place. A trained and focused work force and experienced management, customized work-flows and innovative service methodologies ensures Quality, in time service and Customer delight in projects managed by us. We take pride in our abilities to understand customers’ needs, develop a optimized service process with effective pricing models providing a efficient, competitive and complete service. A complete service would normally mean utilization of one or a combination of the services offered. For all such requirements we dedicate our team to your service who take care of the day to day demands and ensure that you receive the agreed deliverable(s) on time.

We manage your entire requirements. This includes crystallization of requirements, agree schedules, consolidate, direct and follow-ups on related queries with concerned persons till resolved in-house or externally.
I10plus ensures that you “the customer” is always kept informed and updated with the status of your project. Any concerns and difficulties are promptly announced and a resolution agreed avoiding last minute set backs.

Advantages for you:
 Have your peace of mind.
 Constant monitoring of processes by trained professionals and prompt action in case of difficulties.
 Single point communications interface backed up with strong management production skills.
 Scalability without infrastructural investment.
 Reduction of recurring overheads.

Our Services

Power services:

1.  Emergency power backup services
2.  Repairing/Maintenance services


Print/Publishing services:

1.  Contents development/writing
2.  Editing services
3.  Proof-reading services
4.  Typesetting-Designing services
5.  Printing services


Web/Software Development Services: 

1.  Website development
2.  Software development