Taqwa Marriage is a Muslim Matrimonial website with a difference! It facilitates matrimonial relations based on Islamic principles only. We envision a society where Quran and Sunnah form the basis of our decision-making in marriages, be it for ourselves or for our loved ones.

Taqwa Marriage believes: -

1.  That there is large section amongst the Muslims saddened by the utter disregard of Islamic principles in marriages.

2. That a large section wants to adhere to what Allah and His Prophet (saw) has ordered.

3. That with concerted efforts, a positive change can be effected.For this,

Taqwa Marriage seeks to: -

1. Establish a data base of prospective grooms and brides searching for partners.

2. Educate people on the teachings of Islam on marriage.

3. Encourage people to give up un-Islamic customs and traditions that have crept into the pious institution of marriage.