Serve and full support to our muslims in this ramadaan to empowerment,Jaipur

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Shah welfare trust.
khatio ka ghair, kachehri, kalipalton, district-tonk,rajasthan pin 304001
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 Assalamu alaikum.

Join us in offering this prayer,

“O Allah, on this day, take me closer towards Your pleasure,
keep me away from Your anger and punishment, 
grant me the opportunity to recite Your verses
by Your mercy, O the most Merciful.”



As-salaamu alaikum, dear friend.

In this Ramadan month shah welfare trust campaign to Poor and needy muslims family 250 families 5000/- per family charity. At district-tonk, rajasthan. So they wish this eid-ul-fitar happily. Visit our website and join us together to many Islamic and muslims welfare project to empowerment.  

With this month of /Ramadan, I want to join you in welcoming this beloved month. Alhamdulillah, we are so blessed to see this generous month again!

Shah welfare trust observing this month alongside with you, and we are inviting you to stay connected with us. We have a lot planned, starting with our traditional iftars across the country. I hope to meet you at one of them.

This year, we’re also inviting you to stay connected with us online. We’llbereflecting on a brief hadith, ayah or dua each day via email and social media insha’Allah. We've also created  aconvenient web portal that features great Ramadan information and resources, including. we’ve embarked on ourannual orphan drive, with the goal of sponsoring 1,000 more orphans this Ramadan.

As we welcome Ramadan here in peace and security, I ask you to remember those who are less fortunate in your duas tonight. Please join us.

we also ask you to remember shah welfare plan your charitable giving this Ramadan. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Ramadan is the month of charity,” and he was described as being as generous as the wind during this month. And this is also the month when Allah promised many times more rewards for our good deeds. Consider beginning your Ramadan giving tonight.

Our goal is always to work together with you for a better world—let’s redouble our efforts during this blessed month.


Syed fize shah

Shah welfare Trust,

tonk, rajasthan

pin 304001

M 8104683397

 visit our website shahwelfaretrust.kom