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Do you know that a network engineer who is professionally certified often has a higher salary, better job options, and a competitive advantage in the networking industry? Are you interested in improving your IT job prospects and making your resume stand out? Then it’s time to become professionally certified as a computer network engineer.

What is a Network Engineer?
Network engineers design computer networks that organizations rely on to access, share, and store information. Usually they are in charge of implementing and maintaining local area networks, wide area networks, and private networks. They also set up corporate intranet and Internet connections. The complexity of the job depends on the size and needs of the organization or individual. Network engineers are also known as network architects.

How Long Does It Take to Get Certified in Network Engineering?
There are several certification programs for network engineering and the requirements for each are slightly different. Cisco offers Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification and all you have to do to get certified is pass the exam. How long it takes you to prepare for the exam will depend on prior knowledge, experience, and how much time you spend studying.

Who Hires Network Engineers?
A variety of different types of companies hire network engineers. Some of the larger companies that hire network engineers include Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Apple Computers, and eBay. Sometimes companies hire them to focus extensively on specific areas such as design, performance optimization, or network security. Other times they are hired to set up the network for a small office or private firm. The government and military also have employment opportunities for network engineers.

Choosing a career path can be overwhelming, but if you decide to become a network engineer you can be assured that you will make a comfortable salary doing something that you love. Knowing the different training options available will help you get started. It is important to choose the educational program that meets your individual needs. Whether you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree or just a certification, the knowledge you gain will allow you to begin your journey towards your dream job.

Apart from job opportunities in India, network administrators are also sought-after in the US and Europe as existing networks are upgraded to remain competitive.

Work activities
As a network engineer, or network administrator, you would install, service and repair the computer data and communication systems used by companies and organisations. Networks could be fibre optic, wired or wireless. You would work closely with a network manager to make sure the system is running smoothly.

Your duties might include:

  1. Installing and configuring new software and hardware
  2. Setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords to allow access to the network
  3. Making sure security is at the right level to block unauthorized access
  4. Finding and fixing network faults
  5. Putting in place preventative maintenance schedules
  6. Giving technical support to people who use the network
  7. Providing training on new systems
  8. Carrying out day-to-day administration and monitoring of network use
  9. Planning and implementing future developments.

The tasks carried out in this job may be included as part of a broader IT support or helpdesk role.

Courses  Offered
MCSA – Microsoft Server 2012
-    Microsoft Certified Solution Associate  - Windows Server 2012
 MCSE – Server Infrastructure
-    Microsoft Certified Solution Expert – Server Infrastructure
MCSE – Desktop Infrastructure
-    Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert – Desktop Infrastructure        
CCNA- Cisco Certified Network Associate
Exchange Server 2013
Microsoft Office 365
Advanced excel Training

The difference between us and the competition can be summed up in one simple sentence. Our instructors are real-time network professionals who also teach.